Decision making is one of, if not the most, important factor in human existence. In one way or another, your life becomes the direct result of the decisions you make. Decisions are not easy. Especially making the right ones. No human can make all the right decisions. Jesus Christ was and is the only one who could ever do that and that is why His word (the bible) is so important to read and study, because He gives us all the answers for life’s tough decisions, but that’s a whole other conversation.

Our goal is to make decision making simpler, not simple, but simpler. However, reading and studying the bible is a great place to start. Back to simpler. We’ve developed a decision making process called S.I.M.P.L.E. which stands for a series of questions listed below:

1. Is my decision selfish?

Who all will this decision affect?

2. If I do… vs If I don’t…

What is the best/worst case scenario of each choice?

3. Have I considered multiple options?

Don’t think “whether or not”, think “AND not OR.” Have 3 or more options, not just 2.

4. Does this decision line up with my core priorities/values?

Think about the big picture and stay true to who YOU are.

5. Am I lying to myself or others?

Are you being overconfident? Remember, “Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.” Have a healthy balance in optimism and pessimism. Don’t have blinders on in either direction.

6. Am I letting short term emotions skew my decision?

Attain distance before deciding. As the old saying goes, “Sleep on it.” It actually works! And always Remember, “High emotion equals low logic.”

Remember, this exercise is not necessarily easy or “simple.” Don’t let the acronym mislead you. It is more so a simple way to remember the process. I suggest writing these 6 steps down on a note-card and keeping them somewhere that is easily accessible. Maybe a wallet, purse, book-bag, etc. I guarantee if you take your time and go through each step you will be making much better and wiser decisions moving forward. Now go forth and TRUST THE PROCESS!