We are Charlotte’s first and only Co-Fit (Completely Fit) training center, where members not only train to develop Physically, but also Mentally, Socially, and Spiritually.

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Men + Women
(Ages 12-50+)

Mothers + Fathers

Entrepreneurs + Business Professionals

Telecommuters, Freelancers, and “Digital Nomads”

Middle and High School
(and their parents…)


Anyone who wants to lose weight, lose fat and inches, increase strength, relieve pain, enhance energy and vitality, burn off stress, improve their flexibility, or compete as an athlete at their highest level.

Growth-Minded individuals who want to take their fitness, work, and passions to their highest level, and strive to become the absolute best version of themselves.


A platform in its original sense is something you stand on when you want to get heard. It’s your stage. And what better stage do you have than your own human body?! In essence, your body is the platform for your mind and for your spirit. It helps relay the message of who YOU are. Inside and Out! That said, a person’s “Platt-Form” is built when they focus on developing not only the physical element of life (i.e. fitness), but also the mental and social elements.

At Platt-Form, we accomplish this through: Fitness Training, Co-working, and Learning Seminars (for Adults). And, Sports Performance Training and Life Skills Coaching (for Student-Athletes). The importance of spirituality is promoted and encouraged, but we do not specifically teach or offer any services to help develop one’s spiritual element of life.

This idea of Platt-Form building stems from our founder’s passion for personal development. The concept itself comes from the bible verse Luke 2:52 which states “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and all the people.” Therefore, we believe he intentionally grew himself mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. And if he developed himself in this way, we believe everyone should.

Therefore, our mission at Platt-Form Performance and Athletics is “To empower people and student-athletes to dream bigger, work harder, and become the very best version of themselves through a relentless focus on building their personal Platt-Form.”


Nick Platt


Nick has been part of the sports, health, and fitness industry since 2007 when he began his undergraduate degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a concentration in Kinesiology from East Carolina University. He has been an athlete his whole life leading to passions in health & fitness, athletics, and overall human performance improvement. These passions also led to him competing for 2 seasons of college football. Upon graduation in 2009 Nick trained for several sports performance companies and health clubs in Charlotte as a sports performance coach and personal trainer. He also spent time as a strength and conditioning assistant with the Carolina Panthers in 2010. In 2013 Nick completed his Master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Sports Management from Wingate University. During that period, he also spent time as the student-athlete Life Skills assistant within the UNC Charlotte athletic department. Most recently he completed a Postgraduate Certificate program at UNC Charlotte to become a Learning and Development specialist.

In his spare time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, working out with his wife, and he loves watching Notre Dame and Carolina Panthers football. Nick, his wife Kelley, and their two young daughters Teagan and Quinn live in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte, NC.