Everyone can be Completely Fit

A completely fit life requires strategy and discipline, an open mind and optimism. Platt-Form is here to give you the resources, support, and encouragement to achieve and truly live the Co-Fit lifestyle.

We believe in developing the whole person through lifestyle integration; physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. We believe in being more than a fitness center and a workspace. Co-Fit is an experience, a community that will help you live each day progressing toward your personal and professional goals. We believe in taking care of ourselves first, so that we’re better equipped to take care of others.

We have faith in the power of dreaming, learning, growing, and becoming.

We are driven to be our true selves. To be bold, fully engaged, doing more of what we love, and fulfilling our God given potential.

We bring together the L.E.A.D.E.R.S. in our communities who are ready to create real change, shed an old way of thinking and adopt a new mindset focused on pursuing purposeful progress in their careers, communities, fitness, and spiritual lives.

Everyone is able. Become Completely Fit.