TERMS, CONDITIONS AND AGREEMENT for Payment, Cancellation and Lateness.

I acknowledge and agree that I am purchasing a fitness program (i.e. Personal Training, Small Group, VTD, Student-Athlete) and/or coworking membership at the cost of (as listed) per month for a total of (as listed) months or at the “Paid In Full” amount of (as listed). I understand that at the completion of the program I have the option to renew the program as stated. I acknowledge and agree that appointments within the program will be released as stated by my trainer and that payments are to be made either by check, credit card, or cash prior to receiving any program benefits. I acknowledge and agree that I am responsible for full payment of the complete price, unless cancelled via the terms stated below, regardless of my participation in the program.

I acknowledge that appointment times are reserved and that cancellations must be made eight(8) hours in advance. Cancellations must be made by calling, texting, or emailing an appropriate employee of Platt-Form Performance and Athletics. I understand that I will not receive a refund for missed appointments or appointments cancelled within eight (8) hours of the scheduled appointment. It is my responsibility to attend my appointments when they are scheduled.

I understand that appointments will begin and end promptly as scheduled. I acknowledge that any delays to the start of a scheduled appointment will not extend service beyond the remainder of the scheduled time. I acknowledge that a delay to a scheduled appointment cannot change the appointment status to anything except a whole appointment.

I understand that the selection of a fitness program is a personal and important one and, as such, Platt-Form offers the right to cancel this agreement within fourteen (14) days of the listed program start date for any reason, at which point I will receive a complete refund for all unused program sessions. I understand that an itemized list of all appointment costs deducted from this refund will be made at my request. After this time, I acknowledge that this agreement may not be cancelled, transferred, or reassigned except in the three instances as listed below:

    • My participation in any fitness program is deemed unsafe as per written instructions of my doctor. I acknowledge that written confirmation of this diagnosis must be presented at the time of cancellation. Without written, original documentation from your healthcare professional, this section will not apply.
    • I move 30 or more miles away from any Platt-Form location. I acknowledge that original documentation of said move, including but not limited to, deed, rental agreement or utility bill will be required as requested by Platt-Form.
    • I agree to pay a termination fee of one extra full month.I acknowledge that this specific consent and agreement is valid indefinitely and in perpetuity from the time of signature. I acknowledge that the training appointments paid for will expire six (6) months from their purchase date and no refund will be granted for appointments that have not been completed after that time. I understand that a fitness/coworking facility is an intimate and personal space and that Platt-Form has the right and the authority to terminate this program at any time, with no refund, if I fail to conduct myself in an appropriate manner. The determination of whether such conduct is acceptable is in the sole discretion of Platt-Form.

By clicking “I agree” to this agreement, I hereby authorize Platt-From Performance and Athletics and any of its employees to charge my credit card and/or bank account in payment for products or services.