Fuel Your Success

Our online or in-person courses are designed for the aspiring high achievers and L.E.A.D.E.R.S. of the world. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business professional, or even a student-athlete, we have the knowledge to fuel your success! We offer long classes, short classes, pre-recorded or even live classes to suit all your learning (and scheduling) needs.

In our process we gather the most relevant and valuable information, then deliver it to our students through their preferred method of learning. This learning material may be gathered through our own life experiences or what we like to call the Ladder (LATR) Principle. That is, we Learn a concept, Apply it to our own lives, Teach it to our students, then Repeat the process with a new concept. That said, our job as learning experts is to continuously Learn, Apply, Teach, and Repeat this cycle for the betterment of our students. Just as a traditional ladder helps one climb to desired heights, our LATR process helps entrepreneurs, business professionals, and student-athletes climb to new levels they never knew were possible!

We refer to our in-person courses as Focus Forums. These are held on a weekly basis every Wednesday evening at Platt-Form and will focus heavily on Life and Leadership topics to keep you focused and accountable each week.

*Course List Coming Soon*

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