Your 4 weeks begin the day you start!

– 8 members per class max

– 5 time slots available (4 morning, 1 evening)

– 4 weeks, 4 workouts per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

– 30 minute sessions (5 min dynamic warmup, 20 min high intensity, 5 min static cool down)

– Full body workouts consisting of strength and cardio

– New member packet provided, including:

  • A pre-programmed calendar of each day’s workout and focus
  • Platt-Form’s Simple 7 Nutrition Guide
  • Platt-Form’s Simple Stress Relief Guide
  • Custom recipes provided by a Certified Health Coach
  • Discounts to other relevant local businesses
  • Shaklee Nutrition brochure with access to your Personalized HealthPrint Profile, and much more!

– Each participant required to sign release of liability.

– Additional Nutritional Coaching available upon request.

– Program Price: $97 (originally $147)

**If none of these initial times work for you, we also offer the Exclusive 4 Week Membership (E4WM) within our normal 9am small group class. However, the 9am class is 60 minutes in length and costs $147 for the E4WM (originally $197).

***For even faster weight loss and more energy, include a canister of Life Energizing Meal Replacement for only $55! A total investment of $152 (originally $199).

Add Life Energizing Meal Replacement