Following our Lifestyle Integration philosophy and Co-Fit model, we decided to create an easy go-to resource of products, services, or activities for you to perform better in each of life’s 4 main elements.

We refer to this as “Your Performance Compass” (YPC) and each month we will provide one new YPC consisting of 4 items, one each in the Physical, Mental, Social, and Spiritual element of life.

Below the YPC you will find a brief description of each item and the reasons why we recommend it. By clicking on each item in the YPC you will be taken to it’s website if you’d like to purchase and start performing better. (There will also be a link in the item’s description.)

Cheers to being Completely Fit (Co-Fit) and performing better!

March Performance Compass
February Performance Compass
Performance Compass January 18
Performance Compass December 17